UK unemployment rate is now 5.2 percent


UK unemployment rate is now 5.2% its lowest for 10 years.

There is no data on what makes up these figures yet regarding part time work, zero hours contracts or permanent employment.

The ONS (Office for National Statistics) stated "the lowest jobless rate since the three-month period to January 2006" the month on month reduction in people out of work fell by 110,000 to 1.71 million between August and October 2015.

The amazing thing is there are now 31.3 million people in work, 505,000 more than this time in 2014.
The immigration work issue raised its head with new EU citizens working in the UK increasing by 324,000 to 2.02 million.

The fall in the jobless rate to 5.2% is from 6% a year ago, the real question is will the low employment rate start to feed through into pay rises for people.

The government job centres have been doing a good job at helping people get back to work, although the increase in the “minimum wage” is forecast to have a negative effect on the unemployment rate when it comes into force in 2016 with an extra billion pounds of added cost forecast onto wages bills across the UK.



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