Jobseekers urged to use social media to find employment



Jobseekers are being urged to get online and make full use of the potential of social media in their quest to find paid employment.

As part of a new push to boost recruitment rates in the town, the Jobcentre Plus office in Nuneaton has launched an initiative aimed at helping people find paid jobs through the internet.

In addition to helping less tech-savvy jobseekers make use of local and national recruitment sites, the scheme will also see expert advisors help people set up their own social media accounts and then use these to get in touch with potential employers.

According to the Jobcentre, such a new approach is necessary as the way employers of all sizes are searching for and then recruiting new talent has changed markedly over the past few years.

Forget looking in the local paper and get online

Indeed, the days of open positions being advertised in local newspapers or even exclusively through Jobcentre Plus offices are long over, with access to a computer or even a smartphone now an essential part of the job hunting process.

"Because of the change in the way jobs are advertised we are giving people advice on how to boost employment," manager Lynda Ward told the local Nuneaton News website.

"Traditionally people look in the paper but people need to look for jobs online on websites and social media too.

"We want to raise people's awareness of the ways they can look for jobs online and offline."

Alongside getting online to find both local vacancies and positions opening up further afield, jobseekers are also being encouraged to make use of their personal connections to learn of potential opportunities.

So, people looking for a new job should advise their friends and family that they are on the search, while extra tools such as a LinkedIn profile are also becoming increasingly useful. 



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