Jobcentre Plus advisors set to be sent into schools


Jobcentre Plus staff could soon be in place at schools across the UK as part of an ongoing drive to boost youth employment.

Just as with high street job centres, specialist advisors will be tasked with helping reduce the number of teens not signed up for further education or set to go into paid employment.

Under the new proposals, trials will take place at several schools in the city of Birmingham over the next few weeks and then, if these are deemed to have been successful, to be replicated in secondary schools and colleges the length and breadth of the country.

In addition to helping youngsters find jobs, advisors will also be charged with assisting teens into apprenticeship or other training schemes, plus they will also be on hand to provide objective and expert advice on the local jobs market.

Move aimed at giving youngsters jobs, not benefits

Announcing the launch of the initiative, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith has explained that such a radical move is needed to help ensure school-leavers are able to get straight into the employment market rather than leave full-time education and then move into the benefits system.

"It’s my intention for Jobcentre Plus coaches to work with young people in the schools across the country for the first time, from as early as 15, targeting those most at risk of falling out of education, employment or training and working with them before they end up in that terrible wage scar, as has happened too often in the past," he said.

This comes as plans are in place to set up Jobcentre Plus offices at food banks in a bid to help people using such facilities to move off benefits and find paid employment.

As with the plan to introduce advisors into schools, a trial run is planned for a select number of food banks, though leading provider the Trussell Trust has stated that it has no plans to partner the government in the scheme.  



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