10 Tips for Getting Back to Work

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When you have been out of work for quite some time, it can seem daunting to rejoin the workforce. Consider these tips when looking for employment to fit your needs. You can find all Jobcentre Plus locations and address on our job centre page and also it is worth remembering that you can get UK government help, they have a site with specialist information for everyone.

    1. Make sure your CV is upto date and consider doing some volunteer work or see if you can find, part-time or temp contract work. Working looks better when looking for a job than not working.

    2. Make sure your letters of reference are current. When applying for a job, it gives you an extra boost to include a letter of reference initially that can speak to your unique skills and abilities.

    3. Widen your geographic net. If you have been unable to find work in your preferred location, it's time to broaden your horizons. Look to areas that would allow an easy commute, or where you can relocate either temporarily or permanently.

    4. Widen your industry net. Although you may be accustomed to working in one particular type of role or one particular industry, it may be time to consider broader options. Examine your own strengths to determine related fields that you can explore.

    5. Network. The power of networking should never be discounted; a majority of all open positions are filled without ever being publicly posted, but rather through referrals and word of mouth.

    6. Be meticulous. It is extremely important to know exactly where you have applied for work and when, so that you do not make multiple applications for the same job or reapply for a job unknowingly after begin turned down.

    7. Be aggressive - politely. If you have not heard back from a company, seek a direct contact opportunity.

    8. Ask for help. Do you know someone who works for your target company or in a job you'd like to have? Ask them about it. There may be openings and opportunities that your contact didn't realize you'd be interested in pursuing.

    9. Change your standards. After a long lay-off, you may need to accept lower paying work or work that's not quite on target with your history. Keep in mind that after accepting such a position, you'll likely have opportunities to move up or on after serving your initial time.

    10. Don't give up! New jobs open daily; perseverance is the key to employment.


We aim to bring you a selection of UK Jobs and career help with ideas of what each job is about and the qualifications and skills required.

For example why not read our guide on getting a job in the beauty industry?

Please see what makes a good CV with our site section on CV advice where we can help make sure you have a good CV cover letter, see our examples.

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