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Job seekers and the unemployed alike in the United Kingdom will want to pay close attention to this article.

There are a number of services available to help both those unemployed, as well as people just now entering the work force for the very first time, to secure a position. Jobcentre Plus offers a variety of means to help people of all kinds find gainful employment by the various programs outlined below.

The New Deal

The New Deal represents a variety of programs available to help the unemployed individuals locate work. These programs are especially tailored to offer aid to those who have found themselves in the ranks of the unemployed for a considerable amount of time, to those individuals who suffer from disabilities, and to those in general need of additional assistance in locating work.

The goal of the new deal is to offer the individuals the opportunity to learn, train, and perform real work experiences so that they are able to acquire new skills, to gain confidence in their abilities, to become more valuable for firms looking to put on staff, and to locate and remain in work. It is possible that the unemployed person's situation may require that he or she participate in the New Deal programs. Refusing to do so may result in the individual forfeiting benefits.


The Progress2Work program aids those individuals who are recovering from drug misuse to secure work. It allows the person the additional support that he or she requires to return to the productive workforce.

The service permits the individual to restart training and work, and to sort out any related problems such as bad debts or housing troubles that he or she struggles with. This is an optional program that does not require one to be claiming benefits in order to qualify for this help.

Jobcentre Plus puts the individual together with a case worker specialist, who will be able to support the person throughout the drug treatment program as needed. After the person has finished the training and regained the confidence necessary for work, the case worker will furthermore assist in looking for jobs and applying for them.

Work Schemes and Programmes for Disabled People

For disabled persons who wish to get into the work force, Jobcentre Plus offers a variety of useful programs that will help the individual disabled person out in his or her quest.

Among these are:

  • Access to Work, which is financial support as well as advice to help make the workplace more accessible for disabled persons;
  • Pathways to Work, which is assistance to transition off of incapacity benefits over to paid work which is appropriate for the disabled person's situation;
  • New Deal for Disabled People, which encompasses assistance from job brokers on the whole procedure of both locating and holding a job;
  • Residential Training, which involves a variety of training programmes intended for adults that involve both relevant experience as well as qualifications;
  • Work Preparation, which is the necessary support when an individual goes back to work following a lengthy period of unemployment or illness;
  • Workstep, which focuses on working with both employees and employers to surpass complicated obstacles in the workplace;
  • Job Introduction Scheme, which features grants to be used towards the costs of employment by employers.

Using an jobcentre online as a means of searching may be a good way of selecting relevant jobs.

Obtaining Assistance with Drug Problems Which Prevent the Person From Working

Should your drug dependency prove to be so severe that it keeps you from obtaining or holding on to work, then you are not alone. You can receive treatment and help for this if you are abusing cocaine or heroin and yet are not getting any treatment for such drug problems.

Jobcentre Plus will refer you to a drug treatment professional for help. It is available to any person who gets Jobseeker's Allowance or Employment and Support Allowance who has a drug problem keeping them from obtaining and holding on to work.

London 2012 Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, and the Personal Best Programme

Literally thousands of different jobs are being created by the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. The training prorgramme associated with the Olympic Games is called Personal Best.

The individual is capable of searching through the job vacancies for both upcoming games in order to find vacancies related to both events. Jobcentre Plus is able to assist the person in finding jobs connected with the London 2012 Olympic Games and to offer suggestions for the necessary training which will be required in order to secure this type of employment.

Travel to Interview Scheme, Job Grant, and In Work Credit

A job interviewing candidate is able to receive financial assistance in order to reach his or her job interview. On top of this, Jobcentre Plus will pay the person a single up front amount, tax free, when the person begins work.

They will furthermore offer a payment for parents who are having to raise children by themselves, also tax free.

Employment Zones

Employment zones is a programme which offers realistic help to aid the long term unemployed in getting back to work. To qualify, the individual must reside in particular parts of the country.

It is offered to single parents, individuals receiving Pension Credit, and Jobseeker's Allowance customers. The Employment Zones are effective in the following areas:

  • Brent and Haringey
  • Glasgow
  • Liverpool and Sefton
  • Tower Hamlets and Newham


WorkPath is useful for those individuals who possess a health problem or are disabled. It helps persons to locate a job or to keep a job.

The three different Workpath Programmes are Access to Work, which offers both support and advice for additional costs associated with problems in doing a job; Work Preparation, which involves performing short work for an area employer, typically unpaid only for the experience gained; and WorkStep, which can help the person who does not feel confident to stand on his or her own to do the job.

Programme Centres

Jobcentre Plus has a number of job Programme Centres which are run on their behalf by private, public, and voluntary groups. These are able to offer the job seeker with a variety of advice and job applications. They provide critical assistance on the means of locating a job, holding on to the job, and getting back to work.

Work Trials and Employment on Trial

Jobcentre Plus services targeted to assist unemployed people are known as Work Trials and Employment on Trial. Work Trial offers the individual a chance at a real job vacancy. Employment on Trial is set up to help persons to try out new jobs. The individual does not receive benefits, but learns whether or not he or she would be interested in that type of job in the future.

European Social Fund

The European Union backed and funded programme which offers employment, training, and additional opportunities is known as the European Social Fund. It is primarily intended for the unemployed who have not worked in a great deal of time. There may be opportunities available in the individual's area. To learn if he or she is eligible, the person should contact their Jobcentre Plus adviser.

You may also want to look at the DWP, Department for Work and Pensions information.

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