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Many people dream of working in the fashion industry. They see the stylish clothes on models in magazines and long to become a fashion designer or the next super model. However, designing and modeling clothes aren’t the only ways to enter the fashion world. Having strong writing skills and a passion for clothes and accessories can lead to a successful fashion journalism career.

What is Fashion Journalism?

Fashion journalism entails predicting fashion trends, traveling, interviewing designers, presenting and critiquing new styles, and reporting about fashion news in magazines, in newspapers, on television, or on the Internet. Fashion journalists attend fashion shows and organize photo shoots. They can be fashion critics, fashion reporters, and fashion writers.


Majoring in fashion journalism, to become a fashion journalist isn’t necessary, but taking fashion and journalism courses are beneficial. Courses in fashion history, design, marketing, and merchandising will give an aspiring fashion journalist a foundation on which to build a career. News reporting and writing skills, as well as interviewing and feature writing techniques can be learned in journalism courses and will help with various duties of a fashion journalist.

Although it may seem earning a college degree in fashion journalism is the best route to working in fashion journalism, many professional fashion journalists have degrees in various fields, such as English, Art, Communications, and Business. Some fashion journalists don’t have degrees, but acquiring a Liberal Arts education is recommended.


Essentially, experience is crucial when pursuing a fashion journalism career. While in college, it’s wise to write fashion and news articles for a college publication and to secure an internship with a fashion magazine, newspaper, website, or television show.

If an aspiring fashion journalist decides not to attend college, he or she still must show interest in fashion journalism by having articles published in magazines, newspapers, or online. Even if the articles aren’t published, it’s important to keep a portfolio of written articles or clips to show perspective employers.

Starting a fashion blog or writing for an established blog is a viable way to gain experience, too. Some people work in various areas of journalism as a bridge into fashion journalism.


Fashion journalism is a competitive field, so future journalists must be prepared, patient, and persistent while seeking employment. Ideally, a successfully completed internship can turn into a professional position.

However, those who aren’t offered a position after completing an internship and those without internship experience can freelance or apply for fashion journalism positions.

A cover letter, professional résumé, and several clips should be sent to a contact person at each publication of interest. Drapers Magazine and are two places to begin looking for fashion job leads.

Working in fashion journalism involves long hours, collaboration with others, and a love for fashion. In many cases, attending fashion shows and interacting with designers and celebrities are just some of the benefits of being a fashion journalist.

Fashion journalists have the opportunity to influence many people with their words, insights, and fashion choices, too. With the right mix of talent, skills, confidence, and opportunities, a fashion journalist can have a successful career in the fashion industry.

Another career that you may consider is one in the beauty industry.

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