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Help Finding Your Right Career

Choosing a career can be an overwhelming task, whether you are just starting out or are looking to change careers. There are several important factors to consider when choosing a career such as personality, skills, interests, and financial needs.

A job and a career can be two very different things. Jobs may be a part of a career path or merely a means of financial stability while you are figuring out your future career.

Consider What You Want and Need

The first step is to consider your goals. Take a needs-analysis of what you are hoping to accomplish not only in the immediate future but try to think long term as well. If you want financial freedom and security, you will need to choose a career with a higher paying salary. If you are looking to spend more time with your family, then you will want to find a career that offers flexibility and will suit your lifestyle.

Explore the what, when, where, why, and how aspects of your goals and set goals that can be clearly defined and measured. Consider factors like if you want to be self-employed, own a business, or work for a company.

Get Educated

Once you have chosen a field, you will need to determine what kind of education is necessary. This may require attending a university, trade, or technical school. If you are having trouble at this point, you may want to consider enrolling in a career service or hiring a career counselor. Scholarships are available at many educational institutions so be sure to check into any scholarships that you might qualify for.

Learn from Others

Seek out a mentor whom you can shadow to learn the ins and outs of your proposed career. This person should be able to honestly communicate the advantages and disadvantages of your career choice while guiding you through each step along the way. Anytime during but especially near the end of your educational training, you should check into available apprenticeships in your chosen field. Ask questions and gather information.

Be Patient and Professional

Remember that in most fields, it takes time and experience to work your way to the top. Don't expect to waltz into the top position. Always be prompt and professional as well as willing to take advice and suggestions from your superiors and co-workers. Establish yourself as a hard-working team player and always be teachable.

Dorit D'Silva E D'Souza Dorit D'Silva E D'Souza

I would like to make an appointment with a careers advisor. I need some advice on available courses which will help me to find a suitable job in the near future.

lorraine morrant lorraine morrant

I would like to make an appointment with a careers advisor .i need some advice on retraining, available courses. I am currently unemployed and not in receipt of benefits.

Ellen Ellen

Hello, please could someone help me with my life career, and choosing the right path for me. It would be great if someone could give me some advice, thank you.

christina christina

I am a qualified bookkeeper but struggle to find a postion. What advice got be given if you have to change career or what other job could benefit with my current skills

Bethany Bethany

I have recently finished my diploma in forensic science,I applied at Salford university but unfortunatlely I didn't get in. I just need some careers advice on what to do.Please can I make an appointment to speak to an advisor.Thanks

Douglas Cann Douglas Cann

I work part time for HC3S ( Hampshire Caterers) as a mobile catering assistant. When I first started for the Company, In 2004, I was a Cook Supervisor. But in 2011, due to health issues ( Tinnitus and Carpul Tunnel Syndrome) I was demoted to my present position. I was originally encouraged to take part time work after being made redundant in 2004, but my Working Tax Credit was stopped sometime ago, and now The Company want to reduce the milage allowance paid. I should retire in February 2015. With my worsening financial sitaution, I need to find another job, and would appreciate some advice

Mr l Bennett Mr l Bennett

Was wondering if it was possible to make an appointment with a careers advisor .i need some advice about wanting up go back to college

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